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This part was so cute I started crying

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30 day Video Game Challenge: your first video game
↳ Nancy Drew: The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

"There are some doors that should never be opened. There are doors that hold secrets which must never be known. That’s everything you’ll need to know." - Linda Petrov Penvellyn

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Congratulation on you third Oscar nomination, Jennifer Lawrence!

"I have never studied acting, yet the very first time I went for an audition and did a cold reading, I surprised everyone with my honesty and transparency. They told me that I could play any part, because I do not have walls, I do not place obstacles between myself and the character I have to play". 

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An inspirational rant to brighten your day. 

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I’m going to do you all a favor and ask you to please watch this if you want to laugh your ass off. 

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Get to know me by movies

  • the princess diaries: what would you do if you had your own kingdom?
  • titanic: tell us an unforgettable story about your ex/current boyfriend/girlfriend
  • mean girls: did you ever have a crush on a popular guy at school?
  • 27 dresses: upload a picture of your most favorite clothing
  • sydney white: would you ever join a sorority/fraternity?
  • hachi: a dog's tale: tell us a story about your pet
  • the social network: three websites you can't go on a day without logging on to
  • twilight: someone you would risk your life for?
  • the avengers: tell us about a friend who saved your life
  • 50 first dates: tell us a story about your most perfect date
  • the hangover: tell us a funny drunk story of yours
  • she's the man: if you could switch gender for a day, what would you do?
  • 17 again: what would you tell to your 17 year old self?
  • john tucker must die: someone broke your heart, would you break theirs?
  • the breakfast club: what do people label you?
  • juno: pro choice/pro life?
  • american pie: tell a story about your first time
  • scream: if you and your friends had a sleepover and a serial killer was inside, who would most likely be the first to die?
  • freaky friday: first thing you would say or do when you woke up as your mother?
  • i know what you did last summer: tell us a fun story about your last summer

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) - Parts I, II, and III

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started from the bottom 

and now i’m here

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Well played.


Well played.

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